Medical Practices:

  • Qualified Plans
  • Operating Accounts
  • Cash Management
  • Asset Management

Real Estate Developers:

I realize that most real estate developers and real estate investors have most of their equity tied up in real estate.  Given that conclusion I will include all real estate holdings in my investment decisions.  I will analyze all of your current real estate holdings based on whether they are income generating, for capital appreciation or both. 

While many advisors might ignore real estate holdings in their investment planning, I see your financial picture in total and understand the importance of your real estate holdings as it relates to your total portfolio.

Fixed Income Management:

I design bond portfolios for the purpose of preservation of principle and current income.2  I will recommend portfolio strategies designed to help protect principle and limit market and credit risk.  Portfolios are diversified and structured based on the amount of money invested. 

  • Municipal Bonds (Zero's and Full Coupon)
  • Governments
  • Agency's
  • CMO's
  • CD's
  • High Yield Corporate Bond Portfolios
  • Bond Ladders
  • Bond Barbells
  • High Net Worth Bond Program
    • Complete Analysis of Holdings
    • Income Flow Analysis
    • Yield & Coupon Analysis
    • Maturity Analysis


Please contact us for a listing of current municipal bond offerings.

Bond prices fluctuate inversely to changes in interest rates. Therefore, a general rise in interest rates can result in a decline of the value of your investment.


Retirement Planning:

    I am experienced in making the rollover process as easy and painless as possible.  I have extensive experience in transitioning my
    clients from one job to another or into retirement.  

    • Planning for Health Care Needs 
    • Minimizing Taxes*
    • Estate Planning*


Education Planning:

A college education can be the key to unlocking your child's full potential.  A good education will pay a life time of benefits, from income to creativity and independence.  I will analyze the cost of tuition, based on your criteria for higher education, to accurately illustrate future tuition needs.

Rising College Costs: Between 1981 and 2001 average general inflation was 3.54%, while average education inflation was 7.77%.  To get ahead, your money has to grow faster than the cost of college. (The College Board Annual Survey of Colleges, 2001)

  • IRC 529
  • UGMA
  • Lump Sum Approach
  • Periodic Investment
  • Tax Credits
      *LPL Financial is not a legal or tax advisor.

Professional Athletes:

M. Jonathan Will, AAMS® is registered with the National Football League Players Association and is available for consultation with any professional athlete who requires guidance with their finances.