Investment Philosophy

My investment philosophy consists of Top Down Analysis coupled with Strategic Asset Allocation.  My strategy is pursued through a combination of Active Management, Absolute Returns and Relative Returns

After a comprehensive analysis of your financial goals has been concluded, I make available a combination of high-quality professional investment-management firms, a disciplined process, and a choice of investment styles.  I offer separately managed portfolios featuring asset allocation, diversification, and risk-based portfolio management.  Using a unique and diligent research process I have assembled a roster of select, high-quality investment-management firms representing a broad array of investment classes and styles based on three criteria: Passionate People, Compelling Investment Strategies, and Performance.
Independent/professional money management may not be suitable for all investors.
No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

Top-Down Analysis:
Securities analysis that forecasts broad macro-economic trends, then assesses the impact on industries and finally, on individual companies.

Strategic Asset Allocation: 
I use certain indicators such as: GDP, Supply & Demand, CPI (inflation), Fiscal & Monetary policy of the Fed to make adjustments in the proportions of the portfolio invested in three asset classes: stocks, bonds and cash.
Asset allocation can not eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns.

Active Management:
A portfolio strategy that endeavors to provide additional returns by repositioning portfolios to take advantage of the most favorable opportunities.

Absolute Returns:
The performance of assets as measured against an organization's investment policy.

Relative Returns:
Measures the portfolio or asset return relative to a specified benchmark return.

The Typical Economic Cycle: 
Economic cycles last anywhere from five to seven years depending on the broad macroeconomic conditions of the economy.  The cycle consists of four very broad phases: Boom, Slowdown, Recession, and Recovery.


  • Understanding Your Goals - Gaining a clear understanding of your life goals is the first step in the advisory process.  I will spend time getting to know you, your interests, preferences and values. Once these are defined and your goals understood, together we can start developing an investment plan using my unique retirement and investment planning software, an innovative financial-advice process that guides you through ever-changing conditions.
  • Develop A Plan - I will work with you to create a customized retirment and investment plan based on your life goals. The plan is built on a sound strategy that incorporates your needs, time horizon and risk tolerance.  My retirement and investment plan lets you adjust your investment strategy to reflect both realistic expectations and your own comfort level.
  • Implement Solutions - Once your plan is established, I will recommend tailored solutions.  Together, we select from a broad array of products and services, and implement the solutions that make sense for you.
  • Evaluate Progress - Throughout our advisory relationship, I will communicate with you on a regular basis to assess your progress.  The retirement and investment plan charts the progress of your portfolio over time, in relation to your Target Zone.  Recommendations and solutions will be adjusted over time to address your evolving goals and changes in the markets.